About Us
Catholic Charities Care Coordination Services
Catholic Charities Care Coordination Services (formerly Catholic Charities AIDS Services) provides case management, care coordination, prevention, and other services throughout a 13 County area in New York State’s Capital Region. We serve people living with HIV, those with chronic behavioral and physical health conditions, drug users, homeless individuals, and others in need of non-judgmental person-centered care. Please use this website to learn more about our services, our agency, and how you can help support our work!
The “Circle of Care”
Patients in need of services and service management
Clinical care necessary for patients to maintain quality of life and health
Catholic Charities Care Coordination Services
connecting all services for the continual care
and future quality of life and health

Events and Activities

Each year, Catholic Charities Care Coordination Services, seeks to be a blessing to our clients during the holiday season by providing our families with gifts through our Adopt-A-Family program. 

Many of our clients survive on limited, fixed incomes, leaving little to no money left after meeting basic household expenses. As we all feel the financial pressure of the upcoming holiday season, those who are already struggling have been forced to make difficult decisions about where their limited resources go. 

If you feel that you or someone you know may be able to help, please contact Ric Pacheco at ricp@ccalbany.org to register as a sponsor and to obtain further information about the program.